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Understanding NC Squatters’ Rights in North Carolina: The Essential Guide for Property Owners to Protect Their Rights

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What is a Squatter?

A squatter is a person who lives in a house, building, or other form of property without financial contributions (i.e., for free). These people are often homeless and live in abandoned or vacant properties, but that’s not always the case. Squatters can start out as paying tenants who, for a multitude of reasons, refuse to or become unable to pay rent but continue residing in the property nonetheless. So what about NC squatters’ rights do you need to know? Keep reading to find out.


Squatting vs. Trespassing in NC Squatters’ Rights

According to North Carolina law, squatters are not trespassers unless they have had a legal eviction, i.e., if the property owner files for their removal. While trespassing is considered a criminal offense, NC squatters rights make squatting a civil act.

Evicting Tenants in North Carolina? We Buy Houses in Winston-Salem

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Understanding the Legal Definition of NC Squatters’ Rights

These rights are a form of Adverse Possession, a title that grants legal ownership to someone living on someone else’s property without having to owe the property owner money.

According to North Carolina law, squatters may have legal rights to possession of a property if there is visible and persistent evidence of their occupation for over 20 years, aka “Continuous Possession.” However, this is only one of five conditions that they need to meet to acquire Adverse Possession.

Unwanted Home Renovations: How is ‘Actual Possession’ involved in NC Squatters’ Rights?

The definition of Actual Possession can be physical evidence of property upkeep or beautification from a squatter, which is one of the legal grounds for them to gain Adverse Possession, thus taking legal ownership of the property.

The War on Property Taxes

Though property taxes don’t have to be legally paid by squatters in order to gain Adverse Possession, if they choose to do so, they are even more likely to achieve this legal title. As such, property owners should monitor tax payments on their properties to combat potential adverse possession claims.

How to Protect Your Property from Squatters in NC

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Swatters rights

Bad Tenants Turned to Squatters

Squatters aren’t only homeless people who move into abandoned properties; they can also be once-paying tenants who have become difficult to deal with. So, as the landlord, it’s your duty to ensure rent is paid by tenants to avoid Adverse Possession from taking place. Though it may be difficult, this endeavor does not need to be hostile.

How to Deal with Bad Tenants in NC

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