5 Ways To Tell A Cash Home Buyer From A Bad One In Winston Salem

Tell A Cash Home Buyer

Now, it time to sell your property and you begin to compare properties in your area to your property. You must 1st match the properties that fit the same criteria as your property. For example, your property has 3 beds and 1 bathroom with 1300 square feet of living space. Now the property you are comparing your property to must also have the same or close to. Remember, you are trying to reach cash home buyers who will also compare properties in the same area. market_city], [ma rket_state]. This will allow you to know which buyer are bad buyers and which ones are not. The internet gives us the ability to search and to research. Many home owners often choose home buyer realty companies, but you will pay and possibly loose a lot of time when it’s all said and done. Again, do your research, it allow you to make the right decision when it comes to finding a buyer to sell your property to. It would be a good idea to check on other real estate platforms for experiences that other buyers have had. This information may show you what kind of property cash home buyers normally purchase.

Quick Cash. Better than Conventional financing

You will know great buyers based on whether they are buying with cash or are using conventional financing. Of course conventional financing or home buying realty companies takes time and may often fall through. However, cash buyers are ready to close as soon as title is clear. This would mean that you may be able to close within days or weeks rather than months. Cash buyers usually pay for property with 100% cash and may choose to use other payment types based on the situation. On the other hand, buyers using conventional financing often take you to the moon and back and it still may fall through the cracks after months of inspections, repairs, and waiting times. Renegotiating is not typical with cash buyers unless certain situations arise outside of the buyers control. Moreover, a home buyer that is using a home buyer realty company and not using cash may try to get you to lower the price multiple times before the closing.

Great Reviews

Cash buyers most often have people, especially previous sellers whom they have purchased homes from. These previous seller are more than liked able to give the cash buyer good positive reviews. In many cases, the buyer has had bad or “not too perfect” credit, looking to relocate, has chosen a bank that has bad ratings, etc. So things happen and people make mistakes. So why should you “the seller” pay for it? So some negative reviews may surface. It is important to see if buyers have responded to reviews. Responding shows how they are able to handle the situation, if one arise. Ask around. Ask to see if any of your friends, family, or even co-workers have ever heard of this buyer or his/her company.

Their Personality

Cash buyers often have very positive attitudes about real estate. Not always the doom and gloom aspects of it. This allows them to follow through until the cash is in the seller’s hand at closing. Asking them to call you back is often a consistent task.  Because they are interested in making sure you are with them through the entire process. They talk a good game, and are willing  to back it up! Why, because you have something that they want to buy or purchase. A not so good buyer will try to get you amped up to only disappoint you up to the last minute. These types of buyers will make appointments with you, and may often never call you back or never show up for the appointment.  That is because they are either working with a non-effective agent or broker or waiting on the bank next move. Imagine spending hours upon hours making repairs, cleaning the house, and this potential buyer never shows up to the appointment?


References are an integral part of business. A great cash buyer will provide you with several references for you to call to check on how they do business, and the cash buyer should be quick to answer any of your questions. If they do not provide you with this information, then this may be a sign they are a bad home buyer. Check out their website, does it have reviews? Are they situation-specific, or is it a really general, or a too good to be true review that makes you question if the one who had this experience with the buyer really wrote this review? Are they presently active on social media and other platforms?  What are their followers saying about them in their comments? Do they have public reviews to read? Are they credible?


A serious cash buyer will agree to choosing a relatively quick closing date, anywhere from 2 to 30 days and may often provide a deposit in most cases. They will not try to rush the process to get you or your tenant out of the home and will constantly stay in contact with the title company until the your/seller’s check is in hand. A bad buyer may try to extend the closing date multiple times, or ignore the closing date altogether and may have never submitted their deposit according to the contract. If the buyer is using financing, there will be very few items listed on the commitment letter. Bad home buyers will have multiple issues listed on their commitment, possibly questioning sources of funds and a sudden drop in credit score. Contact us before using a home buyer realty company or realtor. We are serious and professional cash home buyers.

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